Week 2 Mommy and Me Letter B

Week 2:


Opening song:

Quack Quack Polka 

This week we used instruments, and will definitely keep doing this! The kids loved shaking and rattling things!! 

If You’re Happy And You Know It

Shake a Friend’s Hand (http://www.higherpraise.com/Lyrics4/7_AhLaLaLa.htm)

Letter of the week: B


B is for bugs, butterflies, etc. (have the kids think of some things that start with B). Balls, balloons. (Have some balloons blown up and see if they can keep them up in the air or pass the ball around the circle to the music…) 

B is for BODY: God made you and every part of your body because He Loves you! Who has hands??? Wave your hands! Who has a head? Can you make it go back and forth??? Who has a belly??? Can you make it stick out?? How about feet? What can you do with feet?? Walk? Run? JUMP???

(adapted from ministry-to-children.com)

(Scripture Reference: For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:13-14)

Story books:

One Hand, Two Hands by Max Lucado



I Love You Through and Through (or any other books that have to do with body parts!)


Read the book to the children.  After finishing the story, ask children questions such as:

  1. Who made you?
  2. Are you loved by God?
  3. What part(s) of you did God make? Y
  4. You can ask as many questions as you like.  Make sure you reiterate that God created each person and each body part they have.  Tell them that God did this because He loves them very much

Special activity or game:

Head, shoulders knees and toes
If I were a butterfly

Jump For Joy:


Craft:week 3 term 3 093405595_10151519426981579_1546338796_n

“Life Size” tracing, coloring, and decoration of body with yarn, googly eyes, puffs, etc.

Use a large roll of paper and trace the outline of your kid’s bodies. Add yarn hair, eyes, color clothes, etc. (anything you want)

Sensory station:Bubble blowing!

Bubbles  (use store bought bubbles, or put dish soap and water in a bowl and blow with a straw to create lots of bubbles to touch, play with, etc.)

(In our group, someone came and made Balloon animals/hats/swords. The kids loved this!)


Mommy and Me Take Home:

Letter of the week: B
Verse of the week: “Be kind to one another” Eph 4:32
Talk about what it means to be ‘kind’. Give some examples of what is kind and what is not kind. I have done little ‘skits’ with stuffed animals before: One animal wants to join a ‘circle’ of friends playing and asks nicely to join but they tell him ‘NO’. Is this kind? You can ask. Then do it again and this time they say, ‘Yes, you can play’. Ask again, ‘Is this kind?’ If they are older, you could talk about what it means to be kind even when people are not kind to you.. Brother or sister or friend grabbing toys, not sharing, etc. How can we be kind in these situations.

Cut out the letter B and decorate:
Decorating suggestions:

  • Paint them with blue or black paint.
  • Cover them with butterfly stickers.
  • Blue buttons on them.
  • Glue on dried beans.
  • Stick real or pretend Band-Aids on them.
  • Glue on beads or puff balls.

Make a Bee out of the letter B:




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